Monday, April 11, 2005

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The First Audio Posts


I hope that you all enjoyed the posts from Nanny's. Paddy and I enjoyed it so much that we went and listened to old tapes of a familiar internet radio show. We listen to them until 5 in the morning.

I got a charge today from the presence of an American Cardinal saying Mass in Rome today. The protests against him disturbed me a bit but I understood them. We can never forget the Catholic sacrament of Pennance. On this score......I was an altarboy from the age of 9 through high school. I never had a bad experience with a priest, scoutmaster or sports coach. No one talked about it either.

I grew up Catholic and loved it!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

A fat liberal with an Italian view of the world

PaddyWop is now open for business. I am a fat italian guy whose grandfather got off a boat and made a life for his family in America. My buddy is an Irisman who has some very interesting views on many many things. We are both united in our hatred of George W. Bush and in our love of beer. This blog grew out of our conversations at the bar of Nanny O'brien's and the Zebra lounge. Stay tuned for interesting conversations.