Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am writing something in PaddyWop because I really have nothing to say today, I figured if I went back to a venue that I used to be very productive in, then I might actually write down something that someone finds interesting and valuable to read.

I would love to start my own pulp magazine or website, which was filled with stories and poetry that I write myself. I am a teacher by practice, and I hope that I may teach writing in the Natalie Goldbery way. Just write, I think that her method fits in very nicely with what is called pulp speed writing. Pulp speed writing simply means producing 1,000, 000 words per year. That means writing 3000 words everyday, rain or shine.  That is a lot of words....a lot of words.

So we will try to use these rules of writing. Life has no order,

1.  Once you start, Keep your fingers moving.
2. Lose control
3. Be specific
4. Do not think
5.. Do not worry about punctuation, spelling or grammar
6. Feel free to write junk
7. Go for the jugular

Wednesday, February 11, 2015