Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Fish Squish


Since we won't be getting an entry on a Notre Dame win this week, I thought I would add a Buffalo Bills victory to keep the football tradition going.

Buffalo 16 Miami 6


sobinator said...

How bout them Giants too huh? It's always a good day when philly fans get left drowning in a pool of their own tears.

Paddy said...

Haven't seen too many Maryland wins to boast about either. At least Notre Dame graduates its athletes!

sobinator said...

graduating doesn't mean much these days doc. Bill Gates dropped out of college and hogwarts lets knuckles head recieve diplomas on a yearly basis. Graduating doesn't mean anything except the school wanted to give you a diploma.

Paddy said...

Well let's just do a little test and find out how many athletes who never received a diploma are doing much with their lives (and do not include the very few who go on to be superstars in professional sports, because they are statistically nugatory).