Friday, February 02, 2007

A short fat man..........

I have always thought of myself as a short fat man but it was never brought home to me clearly than it was last wednesday in front of the coffin of Nanny O'brien's. As I paid my respects to the old girl, as Paddy rolled the tap, a dc dick went walking past with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. With a tough of levity, I asked him if he would leave the flowers on the doorstop of the old girl. With a collosal misunderstanding, he replied "watch who you are talking to you short fat fuck!". A moment of levity, or so I hoped, turned into just another moment of acerbity in Washington D.C.

I am short. I am fat. But I don't think I am a fuck. So whoever you are, I apologize for raining on your parade as you walked to your woman's home, but I was only trying to lighten your day and you spilled acid on me.

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Paddy said...

As always, I must make some corrections to Wop's details: 1) you said to him "leave the flowers here, she's already dead" and 2) he called you 'a fat little fuck!" AHAHAH --- oh but it was hilarious and somehow fitting for our last dance with Nannys. She's always one for throwing the curve ball. I have to say, though, that guy made my night (sorry Wop).