Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sieg Heil Mein Tintin

So now they're trying to ban Tintin. Isn't that rich.

London, July 12: Comic book character Tintin is in the midst of a race row, after Britain's Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) accused one of the books of making black people "look like monkeys and talk like imbeciles".

The CRE claimed that the book -- Tintin In The Congo -- has projected "hideous racial prejudice" and recommended that its sale be stopped.According to The Telegraph, the Borders chain of bookshops has agreed to move it to the adult graphic novels area of its shops, but the official Tintin shop vowed to keep selling it, as did Waterstone's and WH Smith.Tintin, written and drawn by the Belgian author Hergé, was first published in 1931 but was redrawn in 1946, when Hergé removed several references to Congo being a Belgian colony.

I don't recall anyone, myself included, calling for the ban on most of the literature of Britain from the 17th and 18th centuries because it portrays the Irish as lazy, potato-eating, popish dullards and simpltons.

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sobinator said...

no offense to Tintin but who gives a shit about him when we have our own press being censored (no photos of caskets mind you)our own people censored (no talking about the presidents wrong doings because of "loyalty") and our movies rated R only because some one smokes a cigarette? I mean, what the hell. President Bush is all about guts and glory, figuratively (and chances are physically) thumping his chest at every bold move our troops make in Iraq, but when it comes time to face his wrongdoings he cant hack it. Talk about a big fucking wimp. off with his cavernously hollow head.