Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking for a job

The WOP has been cut from the budget and is again looking for a job. 57 years old and still not able to remain quiet and think that the 13th ammendment really makes a difference. We are all slaves still. We all have a price. We all have a comfort level that makes us forget others misery. We all look in the mirror with blinders on and pretend that we like what we see. The pain of phonyness can be lived with. The pain of hunger cannot. One destroys our soul, the other destroys our body.

I am voting for John Edwards. Hillary is yesterday. Obama is nothing. My grandfather worked in a mill. My father worked in a mill. Hell, I worked in a mill. Only John Edwards understands that. Only John Edwards cares about that. One last thing....we have never had an Italian president either!!

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