Friday, July 18, 2008

Bert is Back in Business

Ok, so I finally have some real news. First of all SPS has wrapped up tonight, so summer has begun, thankfully. But more importantly, Bertrand, our Corsican guide in Quebec, e-mailed me this week with the news that he has opened his own place [below] in Shipshaw, Quebec. He can take a maximum of 6 people - so no room for ACDCs this year. Per usual, I'll foot the cost of SUV and hotel in Quebec City, if anyone is interested between 26Dec and 2Jan. I'll probably offer to STA seniors this year, but will give experienced mushers priority. With Bert, this year will be about bushcraft as well as the dogs. For those with Facebook, Bert has a site at 'Bertrand Bellencourt' where, he informs me, you will find more photos.


sobinator said...

so i've been advised not to go to the gypsy punks concert stemming from a fear of my kidnapping/theft of everything i own. hence, i will not be going. instead im going to the opera (ha!) pikovaya dama. should be incredible, but of entirely different nature.

Paddy said...