Saturday, September 13, 2008

Germans did invade the Netherlands---

I agree Paddy that the armor thrust through the Ardennes was a "sickle cut" that trapped the allied troops in the low countries. Army group C(I think) invaded the Netherlands with other flanking movements in Denmark and Norway. The Netherlands invasion enticed the allies to move into the low country to resist the German drive which made the "up the gut" sickle cut work. It was concieved by Guderian. Here is a battle map. I admit to being wrong about the curve of the sickle cut but not about the idea of invading the Netherlands to draw the allies into the low countries. Rommel commanded the 7th Panzer Division in the 15th Panzer Corps in the French Invasion. His division became known at the "Ghost" or "Phantom" division.


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where did you find this map?

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