Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virginia kills this man at 9:00 pm

The Commonwealth of Virginia will kill John Allen Mohammed at 9:00 PM this evening finally fulfilling our blood lust for him. Once he takes his last breath we will never be able to try and figure out why he did what he did and learn something about ourselves that may help us prevent a rampage like his in the future. What possesses a human being to do what he did? We will never know now....and our blood lust will be satieated. Where are all of the Pro-Lifers tonite? Maybe Mohammed's mother should have just aborted him....now the state is taking over and aborting his life. Maybe everyone he killed will come back to life when he breaths his last.

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Anonymous said...

No tears for this man. He is what the death penalty was intended for. Listen to his wife's story and see how evil he really was. At least JAM received a fair trial, unlike Governor Perry's latest victim.