Friday, January 27, 2012

Bill Kirchen at the Zoo Blues Jam

I like to attend the Blues Jam hosted by the Big Boy Little Band at Zoo Bar in Washington DC. The little blues bar is situated right across the street from the National Zoo on Connecticut Avenue. Nothing fancy about the Zoo. The place is small and crowded with furniture. Most people, especially the young professional types who make DC such a boring place most of the time, do not frequent the Zoo. There is a grittiness about the place that makes me feel at home.

The music cooks like no other place like I have been in since the Bona Vista Blues bar in Buffalo New York. Thursday night Big Boy was really stirring the pot. And then for desert, the legendary Bill Kirchen steps to the stage and really cooked. Playing four or five tunes with Big Boy Little backing him up, the Zoo was suddenly a major music venue. You never know who is going to take the stage on Thursday nights at the Zoo Bar.

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