Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Make It So Number One

Why does Mr. Bush think that simply because he says something that it necessarily makes it so? What sort of upbringing and 'education' leads to such a warped understanding of reality that Captain Bush of the Starship Amerika can utter such statements as:
"Hezbollah started the crisis. And Hezbollah suffered a defeat in this crisis."

Why then is all of the Arab world celebrating today Hezbollah's victory and declaring a major shift in Mid-East power following Israel's forced withdrawal from Lebannon? Only hours ago President Assad of Syria remarked that a new Middle-East has emerged in the wake of Hezbollah's victory and the US vision of the region has become an illusion. Israeli victory? Who knows - I'm not prone to believing the likes of Assad either. But there are still two missing Israeli soldiers - Oh, do we even remember them?

Perhaps the only bit of intellectual history ever glanced at by Captain Bush is Leo Strauss, who taught him that it is ok to lie and deceive if it furthers your own political agenda. (Though I seriously doubt ol Dubya could handle Strauss' intellectualism, and since George has publicly laughed about never having finished a book....). Even though a self-proclaimed 'born again Christian,' Captain Bush acts like an old school Jesuit, and I mean old school as in the 16th century. "Thirteenth Rule. To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church [or Cap'n Bush] so decides it." (from the Spiritual Exercises)

Two years ago I sat in the Johnson Room of the US Senate listening to a rather prominent majority party senator paint a rosy picture of reconstruction and 'democracy-building' in Iraq. According to him, it was the media (ah yes, that monolithic, Clinton-loving bugbear blamed for hating the maverick Captain Bush and repeatedly 'getting it wrong' when it comes to Iraq), by focusing only on the problems in Iraq, that was shaping the public dialogue and obfuscating all the good and positive developments in our little fledging democratic brother Iraq. Well, I have to say I was relieved to get the senator's assurances that everything is going just fine in Iraq. Phew! And I thought it looked grim. Silly me. Good thing I wasn't allowed to see any of the over 2500 coffins returning to US military bases as those whiley, left-wing, agitator journalists wanted; I might have gotten the wrong idea about what was happening in that wonderful new Mid-East democracy. I only wished that the senator would have assured me that we won Vietnam too, but time was limited. http://www.unknownnews.net/casualties.html

I won't go so far as to say either side 'won' in this the latest war in the Middle-East, but it's clear to me that American policy has once again lost. And, by the way, what the hell type of 'diplomacy' simply dictates from the sidelines such drivel as "Syria knows what it must do"?

"Only a great fool would call the new political science diabolic: it has no attributes peculiar to fallen angels. It is not even Machiavellian, for Machiavelli's teaching was graceful, subtle, and colorful. Nor is it Neronian. Nevertheless one may say of it that it fiddles while Rome burns. It is excused by two facts: it does not know that it fiddles, and it does not know that Rome burns."
— Leo Strauss, Liberalism Ancient and Modern



mp said...

RE: "Though I seriously doubt ol Dubya could handle Strauss' intellectualism, and since George has publicly laughed about never having finished a book....)."

Bush the closet bookworm? According to John Dickerson in today's Slate, Bush has been brushing up on Camus's The Stranger.

sobinator said...

now wouldnt existentialism really suite Bush well. I'm sure that Bush has Condi read him big boy books every night before he goes to sleep (on his bazillion dollar ranch, which he spends a quarter of the year at)

sobinator said...

If any of you have the chance to glimpse the front page of the Washington Post today (wednesday) I think they've finally found the biggest atrocity of them all. And its not the conflict in Lebanon, its not a VA senator making racial slurs, its not a suicide bomber killing sunni's in iraq (sorry if that last one is offensive), but in my opinion its the story about the 17 year old girl who is living in a 4 bedroom appartment with leather couches, personal bathroom, ac, pool, lounge, gym........... all so that her college experience at U of Maryland is that much better.--I mean its really sick that people can't live in a standard dorm room anymore. What kind of false hopes does that give a 17 year old girl. I mean its just really sickening to look at. I realize I go to hogwarts and my situation looks very ritzy to many, but I'm not pretending thats its anything but surreal. And why does that story make the front of one of the larger international newspapers without a big headline of "WHAT HAVE WE COME TO"-god damnit!