Monday, February 18, 2008

America closes the book on intelligence

"Apparently, even when students felt like talking they didn't know enough about their own disciplines to be worth talking to."

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sobinator said...

I blame having to be PC on this dearth of knowledge, not ipods. The portion of US history curriculum devoted to the actual constitution is so minimal in comparison to the amount of time spent covering the "social mal-effects of american bigotry" that its no wonder nobody knows the first amendment (despite the fact that they're conjoined matters).
furthermore, she says we're all caught up in religious fundamentalism: I'm willing to wager that the number of americans who could list all of the ten commandments is as equally paltry as those who can list the first ten amendments to our constitution.
We're just disinterested in facts as a culture. they aren't important to the majority of citizens anymore, and thats becoming a reality that people like this woman want to fight, which in my opinion is futile.