Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alaskan Odyssey

I've tuned up me fiddle and rosined my bow
And I've sung o' the clans and the clear crystal fountains
I can tell you the road and the miles from Dundee
To the back of Alaska's wild mountains
And when all of my travelling is over
The next of the rovers will come
And he'll take all the songs and he'll sing them again
To the beat from a different drum
And if ever I'm asked why the Scots are beguiled
I'll lift up my glass in a health and I'll smile
And tell them that fortune dealt Scotland the wildest of cards
For the rovin' dies hard

Battlefield Band

Ok, so this is an open invitation to those wishing to work off those Nannys pints with a bit of outdoor adventure. Still pursuing a return-to-the-land agenda, I'm pushing on with the trip to Alaska this summer - and we have a few open spaces for a couple more bodies and backpacks. I expect to get out of Dodge (DC) by the last week of July and stay away as long as possible. The itinerary remains rather open, but we are seriously considering treks over the Resurrection Pass Trail (an appropriate Easter decision - Andrew Cusack will be pleased indeed) to Grizzly Bear Lake and the Iditarod Trail in Chugach State Park (I anticipate some fine trout dinners along the way). These will serve as primers for a run up to Denali and some back-country hiking.

Charles of Austria, Pray for Us!


MrC said...

So is the trip starting so late becuase of SPS?

Paddy said...

of course - you knew that