Monday, March 03, 2008

A Small Part of Our Beautiful World

I know that there are miserable struggles in every corner of this world, all deserving far more attention then the trash we hear about on the news every day, but I've had to deal a lot with this particular one in school this year and I don't think its ever a bad idea to keep the atrocities of war from falling into oblivion. The following are drawings and pictures made during and following the second chechen war.

The following website is well worth your time.


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Those drawings remind me of the Children's Holocaust memorial I visited in the old Synagogue of Prague back in 1985. What was especially heart-wrenching were the labels below the drawings naming the child and the extermination camp where they produced the art and met their deaths - powerful art that mingled the atrocious with the mundane; it will remain with me till I too meet my fate.