Monday, June 02, 2008

The Journey Begins

Well Ladies and Gents,
My journey to the motherland begins tomorrow. I'll be at a pre-departure orientation in DC of all places, and then Thursday morning lufthansa and I will get real snuggly for about half a day. I just found out my living situation in Russia. I'll be living with Alla Nikolaevna Pestova and her husband Dmitri (Dima). They are a retired couple living about 10 km south of the Kremlin, right next to the above picture. The place is called Kolomenskoe estate, among other things it is the former playground of Peter the Great's war games. Anyhow, I'll have much more to say (in english and russian) once I've left Chicago. More soon.

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Jacob said...

Good luck, Neil. It's been a blast being your roommate and I hope we can carry on with the good times in September.