Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live From Moscow


sobinator said...

So just to comment: The first picture is if i remember properly a hotel, but the important part is to click on the picture and notice the soviet remnants on the building. This is pretty emblematic of Moscow today. So many things remain from the soviet period, even on our school the light fixtures are a sickle and hammer. Its a constant reminder of what used to be, which I'm not sure how to read just yet.
The second picture is george the dragon slayer and a huge phallic monument built by stalin to commemorate the battles of ww2. On the structure are really intricate sculptures of each battle fought by russians, starting in eastern europe, moving into the heartland, and then back out to finish with berlin.
The third is a statue originally meant for the US and the sailor was c. columbus. The US rejected it and the sculptor changed the face to peter the great. Muscovites hate it so much they tried to blow it up a while ago. Nonetheless, peter the great, ivan the terrible, and lenin all seem to be mythic figures in russia. I went to the trytyakov gallery yesterday and saw the famous repin. It reminds me of how europe treats the greek and roman myths.
The fourth is one of the seven sisters, built by stalin to portray soviet greatness, these enormous structures serve several different purposes, this one being a residence i think. Stalin used to keep all of the high ranking party members in the same building, all of the same actors in another, and a muscovite friend of mine said it was just to make it easier to get rid of them.
The next photo requires no description, just look hard at the billboard and know that its gonna be one hell of a concert (that I'm going to)
The next is st. basils taken from the moscow river, the picture also features the beginning of a half kilometer long billboard for BMW, a good exposition of the contrast between new and old in this ever changing city.


Paddy said...

get yourself into those photos!

Paddy said...

Holy F__-! You get to see the Bordello in frickin Moscow! How crazy is that. Now I'm particularly jealous - watch your wallet.