Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Came in at 124.55 Kg this morning. It seems the walking is starting to have an effect on the scale. I had a tuna sub for lunch at the new Subway in Pointer Ridge plaza after I got a haircut at the Vietnamese Barber Shop yesterday afternoon. The walking is also starting my body aching. Today will be a critical day. I have to be sure to do it today. I have terrible gas again from the roasted vegetables. I hope to make stuffed red peppers tonight with green beans. I am going to try and make a pepper or two with fish in them so Karen can have them.
Had a great show last night. We spent most of the 30 minutes talking about the police actions against the Occupiers in Oakland, where 75 protesters were arrested, and in Albany, NY where the State police refused the Governor's suggestion that the police should clear out the mob that was occupying a park near the capital. The commander of the police said the crowd was docile and trying to arrest them was likely to cause a serious riot. I guess memories of Attica still linger in NY.

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