Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Saturday Afternoon Dream

Most of you know that Paddy possesses a rather lively dream life -- both in sleep and awake -- and I've always regretted not keeping a dream-journal over the years (shit, I'd have a collection that could keep Gabriel García Márquez working for several lifetimes). So, since we are livin' in a dream-world at Hogwarts anyway, I thouht I'd share what I woke up with today:
I wake up in on a lounge sofa just off the main hall of an opera, still in my dirty t-shirt, still holding the historical novel about Scots hero William Wallace, the book that I had actually been reading when I fell asleep. Well a crowd had gathered at the edge of the seating area, not ten feet from my sofa, and as I rouse myself I notice Chris Bredie's father, immaculately dressed in a grey suit with pink shirt/tie combo. He is motioning to his wife and making movements to leave, and i don't want to get up and be forced to engage in polite conversation, as I am sorely out of place in my jeans and T, so I just huddle over my book, head down and pretended the read. I think most people around me think I had just perched myself there as some pauper in order to hear the opera - it was Mozart's Idomeneo. I see a man approaching me from the left, just his suit trousers and shoes, and figure he is about to ask me to leave. I force myself to wake up. The opera was wonderful! Dream over.
What the heck that means is up for grabs; I have my own thoughts on that matter.

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