Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So Christmas Break, time to read, time to sleep, time to eat, and time to get in a little writing. I can't say that PW has proved to be the most active of forums lately. I'm still convinced that we are all either just too apathetic or too fearful to put our thoughts into words. I do know that there are readers out there who have NEVER bothered leaving a comment. WE need to add Sobes as a contributer, since he does tend to keep up and write, and I'm sure he'll have some great stories when he gets back from Rome (Sobes - if you're out there and have access to a Vatican comp, please post us a few lines fom the Eternal if you have a minute) . So anyway, a few Paddy randoms:
- a little dopamine makes a person happy; a surge of dopamine makes a person euphoric; an abundance of dopomine makes a person schizophrenic; Igor Stravinsky caused riots! http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab/episodes/2006/04/21
- My dopamine this week came from dining at Le Paradou, a local eatery owned by a fellow Hibernian's people, probably one of the better restarant meals I've ever had. Let's see if Paddy can remember the menu:
Amuse: califlower mousse w caviar
1st: Diver scallop tartar served in egg shell over lobster mousse (this may have been a second amuse, but it was large enough to be a course)
2nd: Terrine of foie gras wih apricots and caramel
3rd:Oysters in creame served on the half-shell
4th: Roasted Lobster in a Sauternes butter sauce w ginger and grapfruit zest
5th: Filets of tubot and scallop
6th: Roasted stuffed boneless quail with chestnut gnocchi
7th: Chocolate mousse mille feuille served with avacado gelato
All accompanied with properly paired, and outstanding, wines. A big thank you goes out to our gastronomic Hibernian and his family for such a wonderful and memorable evening with my mother.

for those looking for a geat dining experience:
Le Paradou • 678 Indiana Avenue, NW, Penn Quarter, Washington, DC 20004
Reservations: 202.347.6780 • Private Dining: 202.347.8160
25 Best New Restaurants in the USA
-- Esquire Magazine

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