Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hey Paddy--Thought of you at the Game!!

United Overwhelms Beleaguered Celtic
MLS Wins Point Of Pride Over Scottish Champs : United 4, Celtic 0

I thought of you Paddy last night as I watched DC United trouce your beloved Celtic 4-0. Even as the Angels played their Harps, I wish you there so I could tease you unmercifully. To be fair United is in midseason form and Celtic are only playing exhibitions for the regular season, but still.....DC UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sobinator said...

weren't celtic playing their reserves as well? I'm also sure that the void they felt when they realized there weren't any protestants to kill while playing the game really dampened celtic's morale.

Paddy said...

Either way - I missed the after game party at Nanny's

Anonymous said...

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