Thursday, July 06, 2006


Italy in the Final
I am going to go to an irish pub to celebrate the Italian victory over the Germans in July 4, 2006. Italy is closing in on her fourth cup and only the filthy french stand between Italy and football glory. The 2-0 victory was especially sweet, coming as it did on Indenpendence Day.

I thought about all the speeches these guys were making all over the country on the fourth and wondered how many of them would have had the stones to sign the delclaration. It was indeed a courageous age. The British would have hung any one of theme instantly if they had been caught. It was the first time that a people organized themselves and told those British soldiers to go on home. I hope I can hear the song tonite!

Everyone, go and read the Declaration of Independence. Would you have the courage to sign it? Do you have the courage to stand against this government as they erode our freedoms in the guise of protection. As they say in New Hampshire and we so often forget........Live Free or Die!


sobinator said...

I think the Irish and the Scots have been telling the Brits to go on home for quite a while longer than the Americans, maybe not in such flowery language (not to take away from the Declaration), but I still think they tried to make their point heard, say from the 13th century and beyond. Nonetheless, great post. We owe a lot to the leaders of this country who knew how to think as well as act.

Clément-Auguste Marot, le XXXIVéme Duc de Vernon said...


First off, if you call a couple sneaky little goals at the last minute a "victory", then you may do so, but know that the Germans seriously deserved to win that game. They played better, and they played with honour (as in they didn't fling themselves to the ground every 5 minutes in search of a foul).

I shan't be all negative however, savor this victory while it lasts. Perhaps it'll help make up for your loss in Kobarid in 1917? As Luigi "Beast of Bolzano" Cadorna will tell you, it's the most direct way to Vienna.

- The Duc

sobinator said...

it might also make up for the match fixing scandal which a number of the azzurri are a part of...looks like American CEO's aren't the only ones making a buck while damning the culture.

MrC said...

But they actually left here after getting their red coated asses kicked. If you check, this is the United States, not the United Kingdom.

As to the belly aching about the game, Le Duc, just remember, you cannot take the ball out of the back of the net. Zadane will suffer the same fate as the Germans. Go Azurri!!!!!!!