Monday, July 03, 2006

In Annapolis Harbor

Pad am sitting in the Hard Bean Cafe in Annapolis harbor thinking about the slaves that used to come ashore here. I remembered Paddy railing about Roots the last time I was here with him. It makes me think of all of the billions of chinese who have just as much cause to dislike us. We are going to fight them before this century is over. It might not be a classic battlefield battle but it will be a war none the less.

I saw so much wealth today in Annapolis harbor. This is what places like Hogwarthe are organized to protect. If there was ever a chance for a country to rid itself of that class distinction in was the United States of America. But we didn't. Our commercial culture has dehumanized us all. We are just pretenders Paddy. History will give us a good try.


sobinator said...
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sobinator said...

Wop, is it that you sympathize with the Chinese descendants of slaves and thus despise american economic gluttony, or are you merely recognizing the fact that our consumer based economy will be the downfall of the "republic?"

And on the brink of our nation's most important holiday (at least for some of us who are still believers)I think that you should at least suggest possible solutions for the problem you've recognized. Put up a fight. Give it the college try, even if the college doesn't have ivy growing on the walls. Don't just allow the "man", or a rotten president, or any other besmirching quality to bring down a country that all of our forefathers have struggled to build even if they just arrived. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of the cry-babies who just want to point out whats wrong with America. If you don't like the direction we're headed, do something about it or shut up. And if you want to wave the 1st amendment flag in my face for that last comment, go right ahead, but you wont have any more first ammendment if you sit by and watch the country deteriorate.

Paddy said...

Ah - but the point has come for Revolution. It's time to ignite a fire under the ass of freedom loving Americans ...HOWEVER, theyre too busy snorting shit up their noses, fawning over idiot-sluts such as Paris Hilton and her Dumb-ass companion, giving a shit about the OC, 24, House, or whatever is the mini-drama de jour, and too fat or preoccupied with stuffing their piggish children with McDonald's Happy Meals (ha, Happy how long until they actually start lacing those fries with Zolof..supersize? Yes please! And a frontal lobotomy on the side.) The opium of the masses? Hell, our whole society is geared to facilitate 'opium' production and consumption. We're drifting in a perpetual fog - the guerilla forces that may bring us down lurk in the haze.
- ok, i threw the glass of cold water on my face...I'm back

The Hapsburg Qin said...

Mr. C, I beg to differ about the inevitability of fighting with China. The Chinese are fundamentally a get-along type of people. As long as everyone is makin a buck, they're not going to harm anyone. My prediction: World War III will start in Asia, and it will be started by the Japanese, those dour, hyper-militaristic samurai across the East China Sea (or the Sea of Japan, depending on who you are). We do not have to fight China. I'll come to Nanny's sometime and explain my whole position.

sobinator said...

It's the Indians who will start WWIII, guaranteed. India will attack Pakistan, make an alliance with China, and invade indonesia, vietnam, cambodia all those countries. North Korea and Pakistan will join forces, thus diverting China's western front with Pakistan. Russia will be "neutral" but eventually join who ever is winning after a year and the US will obviously protect our interests in the far east "to the best of our abilities" (ie nuke the shit out of pakistan). Iran and Saudi Arabia will join Pakistan based only on muslim founded alliances. So it will be the terrorist based axis versus the nuke based allies. Who's to say there'll be a winner. And somehow, mysteriously, there will be a well planned coup in both China and in India and two capitalist loving American fed and bred leaders will emerge the democratically elected presidents of their respective countries. The Japanese, to answer the Qin's theory, will do what's best for their small little island, and remain the fuck out of the big boy's play.

The Hapsburg Qin said...

Doesn't fit the psychological profiles of the respective peoples. Your basic assumption that India and China will ally is simply erroneous. The Chinese, first of all, will not allow someone else to take the hegemony of Asia. It's always been China, and it will always be China. Furthermore, India doesn't have the military capacity to invade all those countries, even if they use nukes. Nuking a country before you invade is a pretty damn sure way to spawn a hearty insurgency. Also, all those South Asian countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.) are run behind the scenes by overseas Chinese who left the Mainland: a fact unrecognized by most who are not familiar with Asia. China still very much considers them part of the Han Hometeam. They will not suffer Indian intrusion into those places.
Finally, you underestimate both the technological primacy and the instrinsic grit of the Japanese. How can you say that the country that fought a several-front war less than eighty years ago will "stay out of the big boy's play?" Japan is still the world's second-largest economy, and they've never been content with just defending their own small island. Just read a little bit more about Japanese society from the 1860s through the 1940s and then tell me how they don't matter.

Paddy said...

well it hasn't ALWAYS been China. Hmm...I can remember a little era called WORLD WAR TWO when the Chinese got wiped by Japan for about a decade (and yes, I understand that ten years to China is nothing, but all the same, there are exceptions to Chinese regional hegemony).

The Hapsburg Qin said...

Which is exactly why I tell people not to discount Japan as a major aggressor in Asia in the coming years.

I'm not trying to say China is the Sleeping Lamb of Asia, but it's definitely going to start a war. It'll fight one, but not start one. It's got too many problems at home to deal with.

sobinator said...

Here are Some Numbers, and I know you dont think numbers matter doc, but let them speak for themselves:

Japan (239,000 active troops + No Nukes)
-not to mention it would require Constitutional Amendment to rearrange the military policy

US (1.427 million active troops + 10,000 Nukes)
-Not to mention one gun slingin Presidente

China (2.25 million standing+ 130 Nukes)

India (1.325 million standing + 100 Nukes)

I concede, my previous comment was based more in high-hopes than fact, but it appears that Sino-Indian relations are getting much stronger and their economic inter-dependence seems to be bringing the countries much closer. I still forsee the two countries allying against Pakistan.

The Hapsburg Qin said...

China has just as many border disputes with India, if not more, than with Pakistan. The Sino-Indian land border is completely closed except to a few pilgrims (though that may change, and foreigners who know how can still bribe their way through). Pakistan is insignificant compared with the issue of hegemony in Asia. Though a military alliance against Pakistan could happen for a very brief period of time if it was in China's economic interest, a permanent Sino-Indian agreement would be untenable to the Chinese. Regarding economic enmeshment, China's biggest trading partner is none other than Japan. And if a war were to break out (which will become more likely as Koizumi exits this fall and is replaced by the hardliners he's promoted to prominent positions recently), China would not hesitate to fuck Japan up. Same goes for India.

sobinator said...

I admit your superior knowledge of this subject matter puts my claims to shit. But, July 6, 2006 will see 2 new passes opened up along the Sino-Indian border, so we shall see where that leads. Also, whose to say that India, along with China, will not (very soon) surpass the oh so great Japan in economic superiority? I think we shall see that happen sooner than later. By the way whats the deal with those missiles in the Sea of Japan (or whatever its called based on where you're reading this from). Could our talk on the subject matter have brought about the demon itself? Is N.Korea going to begin its conquest or what?