Sunday, July 23, 2006

Paddy Hits the Rails

Travel extension has already begun in style: chaos rules, it's raining, dinner cancelled, catching train to Beijing in an hour, haven't packed my room (well that at least is nothing new for those who know my travel prep - actually I have a bit of uncommon breathing room there with a whole hour to pack. That's why I can erite this final note), got $1200 worth of small-note Chinese currency in my pocket, haven't a clue what lies ahead. Wish me luck. Farewell until August. I expect those who can to hit Nanny's on the evening of 2 August: round of mist on me.

Oh, almost forgot. I did have one little victory this morning by getting a TA dismissed from travelling with us. Huzzah! So we're also down a person, but believe me, we would have expended more energy taking care of her than the students. Long story, but yes, she deserved to be fired.

That's me, I'm out. If I don't return in 30 days someone notify the embassy (and Sobin gets the espresso machine).


Clément-Auguste Marot, le XXXIVéme Duc de Vernon said...

SOBIN gets the espresso machine???? I'm starting to think the Order of St. Jude is going to have to use its Divine Right to correct that little mistake...

Paddy said...

well, he is in closest proximity and deepest need. I think that fits somehow with the mission statement of the OSJ?

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