Saturday, June 03, 2006

Back in Action

Paddy and I were back at our favorite place of dialogue with a new friend on Thursday night. Our irish friend from Boston (though not a Southie) made the mistake:) of asking Paddy and I for our views on some subjects that are dear to our hearts. Since she was buying...we went on for hours thought I should have left the nachos alone.

The big news is that Paddy is going abroad for two months and is going to keep us informed of his travels, right here, with a sort of travelogue so stay tuned. Paddy and I also invited a real poet to join our ramblings here, so the level of dialogue may just pick up a bit:) as well a guy who we shall say is covered with Ivy!.

Please, always feel free to join in the discussions, and to suggest topics for the crew to ramble on about.


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