Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Great Night at Nanny's

The boys really went off on me the other day about Ivan Illich. They really had me fired up but rather than attack rashly I am retreating and preparing the counter-offensive from hell. Stay tuned for it...But to more pleasant topics

Pasty Whalen came to Nanny's this weekend and the boys were there like never before. Patsy and Brian were at their best, pounding out wonderful renditions of all of our favorite songs. They did a great version of Boys of the Old Brigade and Patsy played Orange Blossom Special like it has never been played before. I was just in awe. The boys are becoming such fixtures at Nanny's that Pasty and Brian now join us on the breaks. It is great fun. Patsy and Brian have a new CD coming out soon and we can't wait to review it here at PaddyWop. I had the MP3 player out at Nanny's and I hope to put a few clips up after editing. Paddy even got some video of one song and we are working on that also. Stay tuned!

If you have been following the Blog you know that we also met a retired Major General on Saturday night. He was a real down to earth guy and a lot of fun to be with. We will stay in touch with him and, who knows, maybe even get him to write some things for PaddyWop. He is a real Irishman, himself. Paddy has the same awe for Generals as I do for Princesses.

One last remark....the poem recited herself again at the bar.



Clément-Auguste Marot, le XXXIVéme Duc de Vernon said...

Still waiting for that counteroffensive.....

Paddy said...

Yes, but generals actually DO things, and have obtained their rank because of action, not because of inbreeding (and pink shoes).