Friday, June 30, 2006



I am sitting in my office thinking about many things. I am always thinking about many things. I sometimes wonder if I ever do anything. I think and think but do I ever do. I don't know the answer to that question.

I am going to go to Nanny's and think about that some more tonite. I will go with my friend the poet. Paddy is mad at me because I have not been been keeping up my share of the Blog. I agree with him. But it is not the same with his stool empty. He has been doing a great job. I mean he is in China. His photos are exotic and interesting. He is doing something that just might make a difference in the world. The stuff that I am doing right now will just make the world more like it already is.

Is there anything more important than a beer and some good music? If there is tell me why it is more important. Is the street food in China better than the street food in Adams-Morgan? Maybe it is all the rain here for the last week. I thought I was going to have to start building an Ark. I will get some audio up on here shortly. Keep the China pictures coming!!

The Wop


sobinator said...

Dont be discouraged Wop, nothing is more important than thinking. I vaguely remember from ethics (with your esteemed rev ware) that Aristotle said man's purpose is to reason (think) and that all other ends are subservient. As for the brew and music, it makes an appropriate setting for thought-sharing, not to mention, aforesaid poet has many a good thought of his own. Your trips to pub and Paddy's trips to the east are of equal importantance to the progress of mankind as both provide for the advancement of reason.

Paddy said...

Well thanks for the flattery and all mate, but I rather fail to see how eating Chinese burritos classifies as doing something that might make a difference in the world. According to Paddy-philosophy 101 (and you must be at least 21 years old and have drinks cash to take this course) nothing makes a difference anyway. So think away and be blissful WOP!

Paddy said...

Oh - and stop calling Moon Pie the poet.