Monday, June 26, 2006

Paddy's Program Begins

Well our 51 high-school students arrived yesterday (except for some silly princess from New York who thought her flight was on monday rather than sunday), and i spent 14 hours in Pudon International yesterday meeting students. I think I have a new insight into another mindless job, i.e. standing outside a customs gate waving a sign for some dumb-ass businessman or tour group. Paddy now has a real full-time job on his hands. On top of that, I also have two blogs now to maintain, since I've decided to do one for the program as well (check it out at Damn you Wop for getting me hooked!

I thought Wop would get a kick out of this sign I came across in the airport. Commuism may be dead in China, but vestiges of the dream remain. (I'm not convinced that the real workers can actually afford international travel, but it's good to know they have a service dedicated to the principal of the Internationale anyway).

The last of the students arriving at our hotel - yes I'm basically living out of a hotel room for 7 weeks. This is a conference center for foreigners on the campus of East China Normal University. Of course they have to keep the foreigners happy and insulated from the realities of normal living conditions.

So how was Nanny's last weekend? And has anyone located Moon Pie yet?

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Blak Pajama Boyz said...

Do you get to keep up with the good food or are you ball-and-chained inside the hotel now?