Monday, June 05, 2006

An Educational Proposal


All this talk about freedom and revolution caused me to go and dig up the following idea for an educational system proposed by Ivan Illich.....

"A good educational system should have three purposes: it should provide all who want to learn with access to available resources at any time in their lives; empower all who want to share what they know to find those who want to learn it from them; and finally, furnish all who want to present an issue to the public with the opportunity to make their challenge known. Such a system would require the application of constitutional guarantees to education. Learners should not be forced to submit to an obligatory curriculum, or to discrimination based on whether they possess a certificate or a diploma. Nor should the public be forced to support, through regressive taxation, a huge professional apparatus of educators and buildings which in fact restricts the public's chances for learning to the services the profession is willing to put on the market. It should use modern technology to make free speech, free assembly, and a free press truly universal and, therefore, fully educational"

You sure don't need brick and mortor for this......or authority!!


Paddy said...

Yeah WOP, so what's your point? Seems to me that, with the advent of the internet (thank you again Mr Gore), you and comrade Illich have every ooportunity to teach and learn to your heart's content without any interference whatsoever from the big bad nasties with degrees and certficates. In fact you have all of the tools to sit at home round your red-white chequered table with your Sicilian brood and study the French Revolution (a subject on which WOP could use a few tutorials) on your own terms. No law that I know of will force you to sit in a classroom or attend an Ivy-covered uni Hmmm, now I just wonder, as a voice against hierarchy and brick-and-mortar institutions, did Comrade Illich also send his kids to private school?

sobinator said...

To counter your argument there Mr. C I quote from Nietzsche:

"The three tasks for which educators are required: one must learn to see, one must learn to think, one must learn to speak and write: the goal in all three is a noble culture."

At what point does the internet teach you to speak, think, or write. If we were only to learn from the internet, what would we become... machines; no abstractin required.

sobinator said...

All great, all beautiful things can never be common property: pulchrum est paucorum hominum. What conditions the decline of German culture? That "higher education" is no longer a privilege-the the democratism of Bildung, which has become "common"-too common. Let it not be forgotten that military privileges really compel an all-too-great attendance in the higher schools, and thus their downfall.

Anonymous said...

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