Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Clarifications on "Comrade" Illich

In a recent post I included a passage from Ivan Illich that seemed to draw the ire of Paddy. He found the world of Hogwart to be preferable to the vision of Illich and made some disparaging remarks about him, refering to him as "Commrade" Illich and wondering if he sent his children to private schools. Illich was not a Russian party thug and he had no children. Ivan Illich was a Roman Catholic Priest. Rather than sing the praises of DeSchooling Society and Illich, I will simply provide you with a link to his life and the complete text of several of his works.

Ivan Illich

If Paddy would like to provide us all with his recommended reading list for the French Revolution it would be greatly appreciated.



sobinator said...

Damn. paddy just got taken to school.

Paddy said...
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Paddy said...

What are you talking about? WOP talks a good game of theory, but when it comes to implementation...well, he sends his own kids to the private school...oh that's right, he's the product of a private school as well. Paddy, on the other hand, attended public high school with all of 'the other kids.' If you're going to throw stones, WOP, make sure you exit the glass house first.

sobinator said...

Get the American back into the equation here!!! We in the audience can't deal with this ethnic squable anylonger. Furthermore, Paddy and WOP seem to be unable to find eye candy like Claudius Augustus, or whatever his name is, can.

Paddy said...

What??? Can't deal with ethnic squabble?? What the hell do you think this site is all about?? Or for that matter Paddy and WOP?